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Management Consulting

Abstract Business Solutions together with its consultants, has a long history in increasing performance of its clients businesses. With a methodology based in LEAN philosophy, Abstract has led its clients to achieve better and profitable results

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To succeed, any business must constantly challenge the efficiency of its management processes. By improving their productivity, companies can make a better use of their resources to be more competitive and overcome their competitors.

Methodology Phases

Our methodology comprises 5 main stages. Partnerships begin with an operational diagnosis which aims to identify opportunities for improvement and ends in the sustainability stage, where the whole process of change is already stable and results are fully accomplished. We do not only point problems, that is the easy part! We implement solutions to reduce or extinguish them.


Management is a complex activity which involves the combination and coordination of limited resources of a human, physical and financial nature in order to achieve a clear objective. Simplification of the management activity is crucial to reach success. In every organisation, we believe this is the result of the interaction of 3 aspects:

Solely the simultaneous interaction of these 3 aspects can bring major benefits for the organization. Individual efforts in each of these aspects generate limited profits in their dimension and sustainability.

About Us

Our teams are composed by professionals with more than 30 years of management consulting experience, acquired in more than 200 projects, in several companies, all around the world. Our consultants have the expertise to identify opportunities with fast and reliable payback.


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